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From Music, Movies to what's trending in today's pop culture, you can quickly figure out by simply searching on YouTube since it has all been made possible by YouTube video marketing.

So, what is YouTube video marketing, and how do you go about it? First of all, to date, YouTube is the second most searched platform or website on the internet. With big self-made players who have made it on YouTube, it begs how they did it? To answer this, you will have to first look at the Tier 1 YouTube trailblazers in every field, be it entertainment, education, or marketing. One great notion that comes to mind by retrospectively examining each field's pioneer is how well they strategize to grow their brand. YouTube video marketing has made most of them grow exponentially, and discussed, YouTube video marketing strategies will keep you one step ahead and break through the YouTube scene.

Part 1. Top 20 YouTube Video Marketing Strategies

Section One—— Intro

01 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization

Whenever you type a search phrase on YouTube, several suggestions appear as keywords that have not been high on the search list. Usually, when you get content on your channel, by searching specific phrases that you can term as keywords, they will show search results regarding the keywords used. To get ahead, you can perform a form of reverse engineering, and instead of creating content, then utilizing keywords for it, you can search for keywords that have not been in high use. There is even software online to help with the search and creation of such lowly used keywords with which you can use to create and enhance your content for more comfortable search results. Also, remember to tweak your keywords to prioritize your content.

02 Titles and Headings

Once you have figured out SEO, this next part will create catchy titles, and headings become easy. SEO is an integral part of YouTube video marketing. Use optimized keywords that need to be added to titles naturally. The titles should also be short and sweet, and for better results, it's best if keywords are in the first half of the title or headings.

03 Meta Data, Description, and Use of Tags

After good titles and headlines, you will need to create the metadata that needs to be honest and go for quality over quantity. In the description, introduce your channel, and tell viewers about it. Here you have the chance to add more keywords. Some other crucial steps to undertake on the description will be to add a Contents' Page with timestamps for your video. You can add links to the relevant playlists and remember to stick to an acceptable character limit on the description. For tags, YouTube has an algorithm that uses the tags to return results and recommend videos to play next. They are essential for the search results and how high videos will ranks. You can introduce keywords to tags and genuinely remember to do this as tricks might land you a penalty. Note, some tags and hashtags need to be used naturally and genuinely and are useful for making videos discoverable. Hashtags have the (#) symbol before a phrase, while the tags are words or keywords used to make your videos discoverable.

04 Thumbnails

All videos on YouTube have got a thumbnail. It is the image displayed on the search results for your video. When you search, many different videos will come up, and they will have an image used to stand in as a display for your content. When you hover the mouse on it, a looping video plays to preview your content. Usually, when you upload videos to YouTube, YouTube creates an automatic thumbnail for your video. These thumbnails may, at times, be blurry. Therefore, create custom thumbnails to boost your views and for eye-catching video posts.

05 Complete Your Profile Info Section

While so much info on the profile will be in the background, filling out your profile section makes for a compelling profile. This action makes it stand out and is the easiest way to promote your channel. Some of the essential things you will need to do are consistency with the color palettes, writing styles, and even the layout. Provide contact info too. You can also let your fans know your schedule to keep them coming back for more.

Complete Profile Section

Section Two—— Content Creation

06 High-Quality Videos

It is a must-do for every YouTube creator and will ultimately come off as organic YouTube video promotion. No need to tout so much about this. Learn or brush up on your video-making and editing skills. Use the right equipment from the camera to the mic for making high-quality videos. As your channel premiers, you can post crafty sneak peeks as this builds anticipation and curiosity of what's coming.

07 Make a Series

With viewers coming in, start posting regularly, as consistency is the key to keeping viewers returning again and again. As discussed above and in the first section, create high-quality videos. Give each one a custom thumbnail and of most importance, remember to insert SEO keywords to the metadata, descriptions, titles, and headings and add tags. You can also use hashtags depending on your preference.

08 Playlists

After making enough videos on your channel(s), you can create a playlist(s) to make it easy to view your videos as one ends another begins. It also helps discover-ability since playlists or other videos are likely to appear on the suggested videos column. There are a few methods to make a playlist. You can create a playlist of videos on your page or collect videos from relevant influencers.

09 Go Live

This tip helps to engage with viewers as it gives them a sense of reassurance about you and your channel. While going Live can be useful to promote your YouTube video, it will also help in promotion and market, as discussed in Section Three of this feature.

10 Add Call-To-Action (CTA)

Once you have established an audience with viewers and completed filling your profile info, the next step will be to add Call-To-Action, a great way to retain and continue gaining viewers. A Call-To-Action is a request to viewers, and you can do it in different ways. You can make a direct host mention where you look into the camera and verbally ask viewers what you want them to do. You could also do video descriptions CTSs where you ask them to comment, like, or share. You can also add customizable screenshots as CTAs, known as end screens, cards, or the branding watermark. These are some of YouTube's in-built promotion features.


Section Three—— Promotion and Marketing

11 Promotion through Other Platforms

Promotion through other platforms of your YouTube videos is YouTube video viral marketing. When doing so, you will be taking advantage of social media platforms and means and tactics such as blogging and email marketing to promote your videos and channel. It can even help increase your audience and is a great way to market your YouTube videos. Also, remember not only to promote the videos but also to promote your YouTube channel.

Social Platform Promotion.

12 Community Member

Subscribe to other channels by targeting similar channels. You can watch, like, share and comment on other videos as this gives you a sense of what your competition is and can even help you reach new viewers. Since YouTube is all about finding a niche and growing with it, you can also take advantage of the YouTube community tab, a very underrated feature, to help you reach out to new audiences. Remember that you can even join groups on other platforms where you can share opinions and ideas regarding your channel, though be careful when posting not to appear spammy.

YouTube Community.

13 Interact with Fans

It's best to engage with viewers and subscribers. As suggested earlier, going live is an excellent way to engage with fans. As a juxtapose, remember to interact with your haters too. Since you will have both fans and haters, figure out a way to interact with them.

Responding to comments is a way to interact, and you can also create video responses.

14 Professional Account

Like accounts on Instagram, you can request to get a professional YouTube account. Why so? Because a professional YouTube account offers you privileges and unlocks new tools that provide insightful information like profile analytics. An experienced account is also a good step in digital marketing YouTube videos.

15 Collaborate and Work with Brands

Start by asking yourself what the other party gets out of the collaboration? You can note down specific reasons why you would want to do a collab before reaching out with this in mind. Collaborations usually happen in the form of cross-promotion. It is done by contacting the party you want to partner with, making a video for their channel, and posting it. Vice versa, they do a video for your channel, and you post it on your channel. That is cross-promotion.

While working with brands, you first need to make sure that you have authentic content on your channel. You can first identify brands that are in line with your content before reaching out to them. Also, evaluate the sense of partnering with a brand and the value it brings to your viewers.

Section Four—— Extras (on Promotion and Marketing)

16 Contests and Giveaways

Thought of as greasing one's hand, contests and giveaways are one sure way to interact and keep engaging with your viewers and subscribers. It gets them involved as it is a way to get your viewer and subscribers, especially the dormant ones, to participate. There are a few tips to consider when it comes to running contests and giveaways. Start with a clear goal in mind, respects YouTube contest policies, find a prize they will enjoy, and you can also use other social platforms.

17 Pay Attention to Analytics

Analytics is usually a privilege enjoyed when using a professional account. With analytics, on professional accounts, you can view profiles. It helps figure out who your audience is, what type of content you should publish to engage them, and how to better interact with them.

YouTube Analytics.

18 Forums and Q & A

Forums and Q and A sites are great places since people come to such sites to answer questions. There are techniques to post on forums and the Q and A sites, one of which could answer a question and link or refer them to your YouTube channel.

Another use of Q and A would be on your channel, where you can hold a Q and A session, a great way of interacting with viewers and could even help you get new ideas.

19 Value

Value is a point mostly underplayed. You wouldn't want to have videos that don't make sense on your YouTube channel, confuse viewers, or have no significance. Offering real value starts from your content to the general outlook of your channel. With the tips given above, you could further enrich your channel by saying, taking advantage of holidays, and posting things relevant to holidays. You can try other proven techniques to improve your channel, use your channels' in-built promotion tools, and even use old-school ways such as hashtags.

20 Respect Community Guidelines

You wouldn't want to get flagged and banned right after putting in all the work to create a working YouTube channel just because you made a slight mistake. You might view it as a small mistake though it might have gravely gone against YouTube community guidelines. For this reason, you must go through the procedures and user policies before creating your channel or posting.

Part 2. How to Make an Attractive YouTube Marketing Video Online

In the past, like a decade ago, you would think that YouTube video marketing is for the pros. Well, you would be wrong to think that at this time and date. Content creators have taken things into their own hands. They have used not just one YouTube video marketing strategy though a litany of methods to market their videos and channels. While you might still be wondering how or where to start, you need worry not as with Wondershare VidAir Video Production Platform, you will be on your way to stand out like a professional YouTube content creator. VidAir is a service designed for video editing, where you can create thumbnails, video ads, edit and create videos, and even make watermark-free videos. It is a free, easy-to-use online service, and you can get started on Internet marketing YouTube videos.

There are many other tips, such as using ads to market your channel and videos or re-optimize old videos, all of which are great YouTube video marketing methods. Another great piece of information would be to make a new video in your YouTube channel trailer to make it look fresh all the time. Each YouTube video strategy above has been tried and tested and assures you a sure goal of growing and expanding your business. Look no further as other methods and techniques might only cost you money, time, give you a headache, or might not work at all. Lastly, for those looking and earnestly searching for a way to start creating YouTube videos or looking for a better way to create high-quality videos for their channel, VidAir is your best solution. It is a sturdy tool with an extensive detailed user guide section to help you get started.

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