Top 6 YouTube Video Promotion Service Agencies You Should Know

How to Create Videos Using a Youtube Video Promotion Service

Marketing Tips

Marketing has taken a different form over the past few years, such as utilizing technology and viral video marketing techniques. Let us explore some viral video campaign tips.

Statistics on video marketing predict that by the year 2022, the video will make up for 82% of all consumer traffic. Video marketing gives viewers a visual comprehension of what the organization is offering and the occasion to draw in with the brand before making their buy. Nonetheless, while the video is something crucial in practically any marketing system, it needs to inspire and grab the intended group's eye. The video must be viral to effectively help a brand's permeability, which can be best through viral video marketing.

Part 1. Top 6 YouTube Video Marketing Services

01 Promolta

Promolta is a video promotion service that helps you also advertise your content via their platform. You will need to start by creating a campaign, searching for your video, choosing a budget, and selecting a target audience. Your video will then get distributed via Promolta's trusted publisher of blogs, websites, apps, and social networks. This way, you will gain popularity, the right people will discover your video, and you can also monitor its real-time results. The minimum campaign budget is US$ 10.


02 Sparx IT

Sparx IT offers affordable campaigning and other features such as video reporting to give you a detailed YouTube video campaigning report, enhanced video optimization, and ways to accelerate and drive traffic. It is a top-rated YouTube video marketing service. Other services they offer include the ability to create customized YouTube channels, content and audience targeting, text transcription, generating keywords and titles, among many more such as integration with Google, campaign management, and compelling video syndication. You can contact them to get a cost estimation for a specific project.

Sparx IT

03 Push Views

Straightforward pricing, a quick turnaround that means they start working on your video immediately you subscribe, and a great way to get recognition is Push Views. At US$ 10, you can start promoting your YouTube videos. Push Views has worked with artists whose work has been on MTV, BET, Universal, and many other recognized broadcasting companies. It is an excellent YouTube video production service with great pricing.

Push Views

04 Sprizzy

Sprizzy utilizes a smart targeting algorithm to help you find your ideal audience and filter low-engaging viewers. Thus you get real engagement from real viewers with a real-time analytics dashboard to monitor all activity. Sprizzy is a family-owned company that started in 2016. It is a YouTube video marketing company designed explicitly for YouTube content creators. It has helped promote over 10,000 channels and even aided in the launch of significant Android and iOS applications. Pricing starts at US$ 50, for which you can get 2,000 views depending on your target criteria.


05 Emerse

Emerse is a YouTube video SEO service that uses A/B/N-Test for ad creativity with their Artificial Intelligence engine. It works well with any DSP and media buying platform. Having started over ten years ago, they are at the forefront of building technology that makes advertisers' investments, which will generate higher returns and is effective. Owing to their talented team, it helps clients develop programmatic advertising strategies to make sure they get the best complex ad-tech and digital media marketing. They have a long list of clients, including US elections campaigns to other global market fields in e-commerce and gaming. You can book a demo to check it out, and you will have to contact them to figure out their pricing options.


06 Brand Burp

With over 2,000 clients and repping 500+ brands globally, Brand Burp is a recognized YouTube video promotion company. Its YouTube promotion services include video transcription, campaign management, SEO, Keywords, and video optimization. It also offers affordable campaigning, video reporting, and ways to drive traffic. Brand Burp can help you increase your user base, enhance branding, and help reach your target audience. It also offers marketing services for the web, apps, and other brands besides YouTube. They are currently offering 30% off on every job, and you can request a quote to see what it will cost you for the desired service.

Brand Burp

Part 2. Easy Online Tool to Make a YouTube Marketing Video with Templates

All the above discussed YouTube video production services are some of the best at the moment. Though with few shortcomings, such as fees to get you started, for some, you may have to wait for days before they pick up your request and start working on it. Experts and experienced YouTube content creators can take matters into their own hands and use a YouTube video promotion service like no other called the Wondershare VidAir. It simplifies personalizing your content as you can do this by yourself. With VidAir, you neither have to pay for anything nor book demos and download extra software. It is safe and secure, running on the latest script, and accessible via a browser by visiting their Official Website.

Thus YouTube video promotion services make it easy to advertise and grow your brand. For some, paste a link to the video you wish to promote, create a campaign, pay the necessary fee, and your video will get broadcast instantaneously. Others offer the option to help you build your channel from scratch or develop an exciting channel. Such services are mostly YouTube video marketing services, which help expand or grow a business. All these services are there to help you grow your brand. While they have certain drawbacks, you can avoid this by creating and editing videos using a robust and trusted video production service. Yes, we recommend the VidAir Video Editor, which has many tools to help you with all the video production services you need.

Wondershare VidAir