Top 6 YouTube Video Trimmer: Crop and Cut YouTube Videos Easily

Trim and embellish your YouTube videos using a YouTube video trimmer to make your video look dashing and easy to upload. Listed are the best YouTube video trimmers for you.

A YouTube video trimmer is a tool that helps you cut and crop scenes you want from a video. These are either music videos or the video clips you create for your YouTube channel. Such trimming activity suits glamorized videos and help remove extra scenes making the video have a cutting-edge and professional look. There are many tools to help with the job and discussed are the best online video trimmer YouTube tools are free to use, accessible by all, and reliable on any device.

Part 1. 6 Best Online Video Trimmer for YouTube

1 FlexClip

FlexClip is a free online video trimmer that can help you cut and crop videos as you wish. You can easily trim any footage to meet the social media specs you desire. FlexClip tool helps make video combination more smooth where once you cut the video, you can preview it and adjust it to meet the desired length with a real-time preview. It also supports many file formats, and you can even merge videos, zoom them, split, add filters, and even adjust the video speed as you please. The FlexClip online free YouTube video trimmer can also help you make and trim watermark-free videos.



2 Lumen5

With different pricing options, Lumen5, our next YouTube video trimmer, has a free to use option as well. You will only need to sign up for a Lumen5 account, log-in, and start using this online free YouTube video trimmer. Whether a beginner or professional, Lumen5 is easy to use with quick video cutting options, has an intuitive design, supports all video formats, and has the highest encryption level to ensure that no one can access the video you trim to upload YouTube. Useful for making marketing and professional-looking videos, Lumen5 has other ornate features such as tools to help compress or resize videos



3 Biteable

Biteable can help you with trimming the videos and creating beautiful videos for social media advertising. With a one-liner, “Do a Chuck Norris Kondo to chop it right out,” Biteable offers you the aptness of a professional to quickly cut and trim videos online. Biteable is a leading online free YouTube video trimmer used by Amazon, Google, Disney, Salesforce, Shopify, and many reputable companies. Using it is easy where you have to first sign-up then log-in to use this YouTube video trimmer online for free.



4 PicsArt

PicsArt is a powerful video cutter that helps you segment your YouTube videos to get the necessary footage. With a user-friendly interface of PicsArt, you can easily navigate through the website. You can then select the video trimmer tool, then adjust the sliders around the section of the video you wish to keep. With the desired length set, click the “Apply” option to trim the video using the PicsArt, YouTube video trimmer and download the output in seconds. Besides being an online free YouTube video trimmer, PicsArt has also got an Android, iOS, and Microsoft device app.



5 Invideo

A 100% free and online tool called Invideo is another great YouTube video trimmer with impeccable features. Using it, you can: create slow-motion videos, time-lapse videos, speed-up footage, rotate, use video looper, remove audios from videos, merge and even crop videos. You can use it on any device, and with a highly secure website and a registered account, you have assured the safety of your data. It is an online tool recognized by Dropbox, CNN, Microsoft, At&t, CNBC, and Caterpillar.



6 BeeCut

Supported across all devices with an app, you can readily download BeeCut, our next online free YouTube video trimmer. You can easily and quickly trim any video to fit the video length you wish. It is compatible with all mainstream browsers, and to use; you need no prior experience or skill is required. Although BeeCut is a web-based online video trimmer for YouTube, file safety is guaranteed as their servers permanently delete videos uploaded after 24 hours.



Part 2. Recommend Online Tool to Create YouTube Videos with Templates

Trimming video is a professional way of making the videos look more aesthetically pleasing and impose a better-looking video on the YouTube channel. A Youtube video trimmer is a tool a YouTube Creator heavily uses. Since creating YouTube videos needs more attention to detail to create first-rate content, a more powerful tool with diverse and extra features is highly recommended. One such software with a stunning interface that is powerful, online, free, and easy to use is Wondershare VidAir.

VidAir can not only be used as a video trimmer but also to customize and create videos. It has a massive index of templates for any desired video design. VidAir is an ultimate easy online video maker and editor tool with handy to create innovative video readily posted on social media or marketing purposes. Suppose your query is on what makes VidAir the recommended one. In that case, it is absolutely the built-in templates, stickers, flexible video editor toolbox, free custom resources, and still a lot more.



Thus, although trimming videos is taking out the unnecessary part of the video, a perfect tool is always needed to improvise the approach. While there is an online video trimmer from YouTube in the Creator Studio, you might wish to use something more extraordinary. In such circumstances, VidAir can lend you a hand but don't miss to give other YouTube video trimmers a try!