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By reading this guide, you can learn how to use Wondershare VidAir to make videos with creative templates.

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Video Tutorial: How to Use VidAir

Are you confused about how to use Wondershare VidAir? Watch the video tutorial below to learn the whole process easily.

A Quick Overview of VidAir

Wondershare VidAir is a simple online video maker, which provides you creative video templates and you can edit with text, images, video clips, music, etc.
Here are the general steps on how to use VidAir: 1. Sign up for free -> 2. Choose a template with aspect ratio and click on USE THIS TEMPLATE -> 3. Customize elements you like -> 4. Export. You can learn more details by reading the following content.

Step 1. Sign up & Login

To use Wondershare VidAir video maker, you need to log in with Wondershare ID firstly. Click on the LOG IN button on the website if you already have a WSID account.

open vidair

A pop-up window like below will open, enter your email account and click the next button to enter the password.


If you are new to Wondershare, please click the SIGN UP button and create a new account.

sign up
Step 2. Choose A Template

After you have log in to Wondershare VidAir, click on the Create button on the top of the website and you'll go to the templates page.

You can find all templates on this page, you can find the desired video template by category or search a keyword directly.

choose a template

You can preview the template by moving your mouse on it. Click it to extend more details and choose a resolution of Wide (16:9), Vertical (9:16), Square (1:1). Finally, click on the USE THIS TEMPLATE button to start creating a video.

use the template
Step 3. Video Editor Overview

Now, you can start creating your video with adding Text, Video, Photo, Audio, and upload your local files.

video editor overview

The editing area is under the template preview, from where you can add or delete the media files and set fade in or fade out to your video. Click on the Preview button to preview your created video.


On the right top corner, you can see the Save button. Click it to save your creation to My Projects, which can open by clicking on your avatar. After all changes have been saved, click on the Export button to export your video for any use.

save and export

Now, you can enjoy Wondershare VidAir easily.

How to Add Text to Video

You can customize the text content and effects with VidAir to make your videos stand out.

Tips 1. Add/Replace/Delete Text

Move your mouse to the text thumbnail on the left panel, and you can see the Replace button. Click it to replace the original text effect.

Or hit on the Add button to add the current text effect to your newly-created video clip.

add and replace text

If you want to delete the text effect for your video clip, click on the ...button on the timeline area and choose the Delete option. You need to confirm the operation one more time. You can also replace the text from here.

Double click the text appears on your video to edit the content. You can drag the area to change the position or size.

delete text
Tips 2. Change Text Start/End Time

Move your mouse to the text timeline border, drag and drop to change the text start and end time when you see two arrows appeared.

change text start/end time
Tips 3. Customize Text Style/Color/Position

From the right panel, you can see change text Font, Uppercase, Colors, and Position.

customize text
How to Add Video/Photo Scene

Wondershare VidAir can add, replace, or delete video and photo clips from the timeline zone. You can customize the video with free resources or uploaded by yourself.

Photo and video options are very similar. We will take video as examples in the following part.

add video overview
Tips 1. Trim Video

Choose the Trim Video option by clicking on the ... button. A pop window will appear for you to trim the video length. You can cut the video by dragging or enter the time directly. Preview and mute video can also be done. Click on the Apply button to save all changes.

trim video clip
Tips 2. Crop Video

Click on the Crop Video option to open a pop window. Click on the - or + button to crop the current video. You can drag the video to change the desired position and preview by clicking on the play icon.

crop video
Tips 3. Add Video Clip

You can add video clips from VidAir resources. Choose the Add Clip option and choose one from the left panel. When you move your mouse upon the video thumbnail, you can see the Add button, click it to add video at the end of the timeline. And click the play button to preview the video.

add video clip/scene
Tips 4. Duplicate Video Clip

Choose the Duplicate option means to copy the video scene behind the current position.

duplicate video clip/scene
Tips 5. Replace Video

Replace the current video with a new one by choosing the Replace option. You can see the Replace button when moving your mouse upon the videos on the left panel, and click it to replace the current video.

replace video clip
Tips 6. Delete Video Clip

Delete the current video will delete the contemporary scene. You can get a pop window to confirm the option.

delete video scene
How to Add Music to Video

You can customize your background music with the given resources. Find the audio file at the bottom of the timeline.

audio overview
Tips 1. Edit Audio

From the audio bar, click the ... button and choose the Edit Audio option. A pop window will appear, from where you can cut audio length and adjust the volume.

edit audio
Tips 2. Replace Audio

You can change the default background music by clicking on the Replace button and select one from the left panel to replace.

replace audio
Tips 3. Delete Audio

Choose the Delete option to delete the current audio for the whole video. Select a new one from the left panel.

How to Upload Local Resource

VidAir supports uploading your local resources to customize the video. Click on the Upload button to add video, photo, audio files from your local devices.

upload resource

Upload: Click this button to choose audio, video, image files from your computer.

Add/Replace: Add this resource to a new clip or replace the current one.

Delete: Delete the selected file you have uploaded.

How to Save and Export Video for Use

During your editing process, you can tap on the Save button on the left-top corner to save the changes you have made. You can find all created videos by clicking your avatar and choose My Project option.


After you have finished all the video changes, click on the Export button to download your videos. VidAir provides 720p and 1080p resolution, and the free version will export with a watermark. Upgrade to premium license to move all limitations.