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By reading this guide, you can learn how to use Wondershare VidAir to make videos with creative templates.

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How to Add Text to Video

You can customize the text content and effects with VidAir to make your videos stand out. There are two types of text: Basic Text and Dynamic Text. You can add multiple Basic Text effects but only one Dynamic Text effects for each scene.

Tips 1. Add/Replace/Delete Text

From the left panel, you can see the current Dynamic Text used. Move your mouse to the text effect thumbnail and you can see the Replace button. Click on it to replace the current one.

For scenes without default text effects, you will see the Add button when moving your mouse. Click on it to add a text effect.

You can add multiple basic texts for each scene, so you can only see the Add button on the thumbnail.

add and replace text

If you want to delete the text effect for your video clip, click on the ...button on the timeline area and choose the Delete option. You need to confirm the operation one more time. You can also replace the text from here.

Double click the text appears on your video to edit the content. You can drag the area to change the position or size.

delete text

Delete shortcut: Press Delete on your keyboard.

Tips 2. Change Text Start/End Time

Move your mouse to the text timeline border, drag and drop to change the text start and end time when you see two arrows appeared.

change text start/end time

Tips 3. Customize Text Style/Color/Position

From the right panel, you can see change text Font, Uppercase, Colors, and Position.

customize text

1. Change font from the drop-down list.
2. Change text uppercase.
3. Align text to the left, center, or right. (Basic Text Only)
4. Decorate your text with a line. (Basic Text Only)
5. Change the text color and text background color.
6. Adjust text stroke. (Basic Text Only)
7. Add font shadow. (Basic Text Only)

Move your text to a specified position quickly.

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