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By reading this guide, you can learn how to use Wondershare VidAir to make videos with creative templates.

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How to Upload Local Resource

VidAir supports uploading your local resources to customize the video. Click on the Upload button to add video, photo, audio files from your local devices.

Tips 1. Upload Local Files

upload local files

From the Upload section, you can upload your local videos, images, and audio files easily.

upload resource

Upload: Click this button to choose audio, video, image files from your computer.

Add/Replace: Add this resource to a new clip or replace the current one.

Delete: Delete the selected file you have uploaded.

Tips 2. Upload Your Logo

Upload your logo to the video and improve your branding awareness. Click on the Upload Logo section to add.

Notice: You need to upgrade to the paid plan to use this function. Click on the Upgrade button to purchase if you're free users, and back to the editor which will check your plan automatically.

upload your logo

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